To complement, enhance, and generally transform your Home Resort into a complete sanctuary, choose from a wide spectrum of outdoor structural designs…better known as Gazebos. Enriched by the sight and scent of the finest California Redwood, these intimate structures create your own personal oasis, perfect for relaxation, entertainment, or those private moments. With over 20 styles and 15 sizes from which to select, we’ve paved the way for just the right recreational pavilion for your lifestyle.

Our craftsmen use only 100% clear grade California Redwood, known for its beauty and weatherability. Each section is dip stained in a protective finish prior to assembly, a process superior to simple spray staining methods. The finish thoroughly penetrates the wood bringing out its true beauty and allowing each piece to blend perfectly with the next. Capping off the construction is a selection of ten custom colors in metal, wood, and slate roof styles.

We asked our Creative Wood Designs Department to design a selection of gazebo accessories that would set off the qualities of our gazebos, and they came back with a host of enhancements.


Most people think of a sauna as a great way to cleanse the body through sweating, the dry heat opening the pores and helping flush out bodily impurities. But if you ask the Finns, who enjoy a two thousand year history with saunas, they’ll tell you it also contributes to their endurance and longevity. Along with clarity of complexion benefits, sauna use promotes clarity of mind and calm emotions. Today’s modern sauna carries on a tradition of self-healthcare as well as promoting a sense of energized well-being.

Our luxurious Aspen, Redwood, and Cedar constructed Saunas, themselves a stunning addition to your home’s décor and value, are designed to fit in virtually any room and any budget. Using the finest tongue and groove interior and exterior construction, these handsome saunas provide the pleasures and health benefits of all-season Sauna therapy in the convenience of your own home. Investing in a Sauna is an investment in your health.

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